Convert Up To 60% Of Visitors On Your Website Into Leads

Transform Clicks Into Actionable Leads

Get a taste of Cookie Monster A.I.! It's like having a digital cookie jar that turns your website's anonymous visitors into yummy leads, just with a simple Website visit. Craving lower lead costs? We have you covered. After all, who says you can't have your cookie and eat it too? - Here are some hard facts :

  • 98% of your site traffic remains anonymous and does not fill out a form or make a purchase.

  • 30% of abandoners will buy from a competitor Once the user is lost, it’s difficult to target the user again.

  • $4.6T in shopping carts are abandoned annually Distracted buyers and ease of switching between devices drive this issue. With Cookie Monster you can recapture this audience.

Turn Clicks Into Contacts!

Cookie Monster A.i. VS
Other Ad Platforms


Save on Average 97% On Lead Generation

With Cookie Monster A.i. You Get...

91% More Conversions From Day One!


Identify Real Customers On Your Website

At the heart of Cookie Monster A.I. lies a delicious commitment to exceptional service and top-tier quality. Our platform isn't just about crunching numbers; it's about baking meaningful relationships with our partners, satisfying their needs and surpassing expectations, one cookie at a time. We're all about getting the recipe right for each customer, ensuring a taste of success that's simply unbeatable.

  • Users don’t have to fill out a form - we capture them when they hit the website

  • We identify the exact PERSON and EMAIL, not just the company

  • You receive actionable data (contact name, personal email, address, company, and more)

  • Place the Cookie Monster A.i. pixel on your website and results appear in 24 hrs - 48 hrs


Monetize Your Website Traffic

  • 10x your email list building - Increase the number of emails captured on your website tenfold.

  • 5x your form fills - Hit five times the number of interested prospects in B2B and B2C profile records.

  • 2x your ICP prospects - We refine prospects by scoring against your ideal closed/customer profiles.


E-Commerce Data Enhancement

  • Increased Sales Opportunities - Identifies potential customers, aiding in proactive sales engagement.

  • Targeted Marketing - Enables more effective, targeted advertising.

  • Data-Driven Decision Making - Provides data for informed business strategies.

Industry Leading Features

Extensive Data Co-Op Utilization

The service utilizes one of the largest big data co-ops in the US to provide specific information about individuals who visit your website, greatly enhancing visitor identification and profiling.

Identity Chart Integration

Cookie Monster A.i. employs an identity chart to consolidate personal identifiers, offering a unified and comprehensive view of customer profiles across devices and platforms​

Precision Audience Creation

It enables the uncovering of hidden prospects on your website for precise audience targeting, especially useful for D2C brands looking to retarget and engage with visitors

Account-Based Marketing for B2B

For B2B marketers, the service provides attributes for each visitor, allowing for detailed account-based marketing tactics and enabling partners to reach their target audience with precision

Advanced Lead Segmentation

Cookie Monster A.i. facilitates the segmentation and filtering of leads within Distilled, allowing for targeted marketing campaigns and efficient media spend

Upsell and Cross-Sell Campaigns

The service can identify historical customers revisiting your website, enabling the creation of targeted upsell and cross-sell campaigns to increase lifetime value and average order value.

All-In-One Price

Access Fee - $199 per month

Per Lead - $1.50/contact

Resolve Up To 60% Of Visitors

Unlimited Active Contacts

Month - Month

Classify and Filter Leads

Export Leads

Enterprise (4,000 + leads Monthly)

Access Fee - $XXXX per month

Per Lead - $XXXX contact

Resolve Up To 60% Of Visitors

Unlimited Active Contacts

Month - Month

Classify and Filter Leads

Export Leads


Asked Questions

How does the Cookie Monster A.i. work?

The system focuses on collecting an anonymous unique identifier from website visitors. This identifier is then used in conjunction with an Identity Chart, a tool that helps to uncover additional information about a person. The type of data enhanced by the Identity Graph includes personal details, workplace, job title, and contact information, filling in the gaps that the anonymous identifier alone cannot provide. This robust system is underpinned by a significant data repository, one of the largest in the United States, featuring over 300 million unique records that are people-based.

What Information do the leads include?

Great question. We are able to get following: First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Phone number, Address, city, state, zip code, Age Range, Income Range, Net Worth Range, Are they Married?, Do they have Children?, Do they own their home?, and more! Just from a website visit.

What Makes Your Leads Different?

This is 1st Party data. Meaning that you own the data. This is not shared with anyone else. We also verify the emails that we send to you, we also run the numbers through a Do Not Contact Database to help ensure compliance for your company. This is something that no other company does.

Can I integrate this into my CRM?

Yes, absolutely. We can help or, you can set it up if you'd like. We integrate into THOUSANDS of CRM's

What is the process for installing the pixel?

The Lead Data Stream pixel can be set up on your website similarly to other tags. Refer to this documentation guide for detailed instructions tailored to your website’s CMS.

What is an Identity Chart and its function?

In Cookie Monster A.i. , the identity chart is a comprehensive relational database that compiles data from multiple sources about a specific group of individuals. This data is gathered from a mix of first and third-party sources, as well as through collaborations with data providers and co-operatives. It includes information about adults in the U.S., encompassing contact details, demographic characteristics, firmographic elements, and various digital identifiers. These identifiers include encrypted, hashed email addresses, device IDs, Mobile Advertising IDs (MAIDs), IP addresses, and similar data points, ensuring a rich and multifaceted understanding of the user base while prioritizing anonymity.

Does Cookie Monster A.i. pixel selectively resolve traffic on certain pages?

Yes, Cookie Monster A.i. can be set up or placed to only fire on certain pages or landing pages.

How can the data be used?

Data provided by Cookie Monster A.i. to clients is versatile and can be applied to a wide range of internal or external purposes. This includes, but is not limited to, conducting email campaigns, running digital advertising initiatives, organizing direct mail campaigns, enriching customer profiles, and conducting internal analytics. This flexibility allows clients to effectively leverage the data in various aspects of their business operations and marketing strategies.

How does the service comply with laws and regulations?

Yes, utilizing data from Cookie Monster A.i. is legally permissible as it qualifies as First Party Data. This type of data originates from individuals who have directly engaged with your company, for example, through visiting your website. Cookie Monster A.i. facilitates the effective use of this data. Nevertheless, it's crucial to adhere to privacy protection laws and responsibly manage your first-party data. This involves incorporating a cookie consent banner and a transparent declaration in your website’s privacy policy, indicating the collection of personal data for marketing objectives. Moreover, it's important to offer an opt-out option for visitors who prefer to exclude themselves from your marketing databases.

What is the geographic scope of the Identity Chart?

Currently the pixel only resolves traffic in the United States.

Can I E-Mail the leads and does it comply with the CAN-SPAM Act?

Yes, you can email your website visitors when using Cookie Monster A.i., but it's essential to comply with the CAN-SPAM Act's regulations, designed to protect individuals from unsolicited (spam) emails. Analogous to the CCPA, CAN-SPAM mandates the provision of an opt-out mechanism for recipients. It's important to incorporate an unsubscribe link in your marketing emails and keep a record of individuals who have opted out. Most bulk email services automatically integrate this feature in the email footer and maintain a suppression list of users who have unsubscribed.

What are the policies on third-party data sharing?

All pixel data gathered and stored in Cookie Monster A.i. remains confidential and is not shared with data co-op providers or any other third parties. Furthermore, when you integrate additional data sources, this information also stays securely within your account and is not disclosed to external entities. This ensures a high level of data privacy and security for users of Cookie Monster A.i..

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